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OrthoRx is an ACHC accredited service provider, offering your patients a unique and tailored approach to pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.

Personal Attention: Each patient’s prescription is reviewed and items are fitted for optimal results and comfort.

Patient Education: Education is a major focus within the OrthoRx Standard of Care Protocol. Because these products play such an important role in the episode of care, patients are encouraged not to leave the office until they are fully educated and completely comfortable with the use of the product.

Superior Care: Our outstanding reputation within the Orthopedic Community enables the OrthoRx staff to work closely with the physician’s office from the initial fitting through follow-up care.

Manufacturer Neutral: Manufacturer neutrality means patients receive products, which best suit their individual needs.
We offer a full line of product available for immediate application.

Professional Staff:
Our staff is comprised of licensed orthotists and experienced athletic trainers, who have been professionally trained by the manufactures of our product line. In-depth product knowledge translates into proper and appropriate fit.

Patient Follow-up: Patient follow-up establishes a system of “checks & balances” for product quality and patient compliance. It also provides “early warning” detection of any problems which may arise, enabling the physician, or OrthoRx to address the situation quickly and efficiently.

Quality Commitment: If the patient is not fully satisfied, replacement is available subject to physician approval.

OrthoRx meets the needs of the patient with service and commitment that is second to none. Our physicians agree. That is why they endorse OrthoRx as a part of their patient's episode of care. We hope you will too.