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I understand that OrthoRx is an Accredited organization. What does that imply?

The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC) recognizes OrthoRx as a professional, ethical organization that can deliver products and services and produce outstanding patient results, meeting our communities’ needs effectively and efficiently.



ACHC accreditation identifies OrthoRx to patients and health care professionals as an excellent healthcare organization - a leader, a reputable organization providing quality services.  Accreditation indicates that:


        OrthoRx places the highest priority on providing quality patient service, education, and care


  • OrthoRx exceeds industry standards in ethical, competent patient care


  • OrthoRx protects patients through its continuous quality improvement efforts, both in operations and service


        OrthoRx submits its operations and services for scrutiny against the highest standards of excellence on a recurring basis


  • OrthoRx partners with insurance companies that recognize accreditation as an indicator of a quality organization